Does your baby have what it takes to be a Lucky Skunks™ model?

Lucky Skunks™ online store is rapidly growing and so are our models! We're on the lookout for new models to fill our product pages so send us photographs of your adorable little one and see if they have what it takes to be a Lucky Skunks™ model.

What we’re looking for: Tasteful, amateur photographs of your baby or toddler looking their cutest and rocking their outfit. Lucky Skunks™ clothing is not mandatory (unless otherwise noted). Professional photographs will not be considered. We’ll take into account your photographic skills, posing creativity, and how well your child flatters an outfit. It's our goal to fill our product pages with several different models of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

     It’s highly advised that you search our online store so you have an idea of what type of poses, styles, and angles we’re looking for. 

We are currently seeking:

1)      Baby and toddler girls, age 0 – 3T.

2)      Baby boys, age 0 – 6 months.

3)      Newborn baby boys or girls up to 2 weeks in age.

  • If your baby is already born, a Lucky Skunks™ clothing item is necessary for this category due to the time factor. The actual pictures you send will be considered for use in our online store so send us your best shots!
  • If you're currently pregnant or know someone who is, send us photographs of any subject matter so we can see your photographic skills. Please include the due date and your relationship to the pregnant woman. Professional photographers will be considered for this category only.

4)      A video or photograph of your child, age 12 months to 4 years old, wearing a Lucky Skunks™ big brother or sister shirt to announce a new baby to friends and/or family. 


1)      We will not keep, share, use, or post any photographs or video’s until we receive a written release form from the parent or legal guardian. Permission can be in the form of an email.

2)      Only pictures in the above mentioned categories will be considered. Videos will not be considered unless they’re for the new baby announcement category.

3)      Photographs that aren’t being considered will be deleted and will not be kept.

4)      You will not be notified unless your child is being considered.

5)      Compensation varies. 

How to enter: Email your pictures to Please include your child's birthdate and current clothing size.